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Scleral Contact Lenses

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If you have dry eyes, poor vision with contact lenses and eyeglasses, reduced contact lens wear, or contact lens wear failure due to discomfort, a new treatment is available.

Dr. Nicole Brown and Dr. Dane Gies are fitting therapeutic scleral contact lenses.

What are scleral lenses?

  • Scleral lenses are highly customized, firm contact lenses that provide sharp vision while moisturizing the eye.

Who can wear scleral contacts?

  • Any patient may be able to wear scleral contact lenses; however, they are particularly beneficial for patients with dry eyes or complex prescriptions due to eye surface irregularities, such as, high amounts of astigmatism, corneal scarring, and keratoconus.

How do scleral lenses help patients with dry eyes? Scleral lenses are vesicles that hold lubricants over the corneal surface.

  • Many patients experience continued comfort even after removing the lenses.

How do scleral contacts help patients with eye surface irregularities and complex prescriptions?

  • Scleral lenses create a smooth optical surface for optimal vision.

Are scleral contact lenses comfortable? Scleral lenses are very comfortable.

  • Unlike other contact lenses that require movement on the eye surface, the customized curvature of the scleral lens requires no irritating repositioning.

Why are scleral lenses more costly than other contact lenses?

  • Scleral lens curvature is unique for each patient. Customizing the fit will require several visits and trialing several different lenses. The scleral lens warranty covers unlimited custom lenses for 120 days without additional cost.

Does insurance cover scleral contact lenses?

  • Depending on the patient’s eye condition and their particular insurance, their vision or medical insurance may cover all, partial, or none of the cost of the scleral lenses and fitting. The patient will be reimbursed any cost insurance covers.

How long do scleral lenses last?

  • Scleral lenses may last several years if handled with proper care. A patient may need a new scleral lens sooner if there is a large change to their prescription or progression of surface irregularities.

Call, text, or email our office to speak to a scleral lens technician about a consultation.